The staff at Adams work hard to serve their families and children excellently. They have more needs than they have the time, manpower and money to meet. We hope that many in the St. Louis community understand the big challenges for city schools and agree that now is the time to act.

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 Four ways for people to help through Friend of Adams.

 01Number2Adams Book Drives

Do you have some retired PreK through 6th Grade children’s books that would love to be recommissioned for a new life helping kids learn to read? Or, the next time you buy books for your kids or grandkids, buy some for our Adam’s kids, too. Adams would like to immerse their students in reading with books the kids can take home for “keeps.”

Check your basements and attics. Start a book drive in your neighborhood, church or school. Place an order online. Bag or box the collected books and contact us at  We’ll pick up and deliver the books to Adams. Click here for a downloadable flyer you can use for your own book drive.

2019/2020 School Year

This school year we are starting a new initiative – Buy Two/Give One. When you buy new books for your kids or grandkids this year, consider buying an additional book for an Adam’s student. We’d like for the Adams’ kids to have some new books along with the used donations they are enjoying.

Click here for a recommended book list.

And here for a great place to buy these books

02Number2Staff Appreciation Initiatives

The teachers and staff at Adams work hard to provide the best education possible for their students. Often that work is above and beyond the typical call of duty for a teacher. Because of budget restraints, their compensation is considerably less than their counterparts in St. Louis County. Friends of Adams seeks to show appreciation to the staff for their loving service to their students in many ways throughout the year.

03Number2 Volunteer Opportunities

Working side-by-side is the best way to build relationships and enhance the mission at Adams. We’re looking for volunteers willing to commit to helping the staff in the following areas:

 – Reading Buddies  – Nothing accelerates a child’s good start in life and fosters their love of learning more than helping them to value reading. The one-on-one enjoyment of a book, discussion of the content and simply being with the children has an unquestionable impact on their growth and self esteem.

Adopt-a-Class – Sometimes overworked teachers could use a little help. We are seeking volunteers to adopt a class and commit a time each week to do whatever it takes to allow teachers to better focus on what they’re trained to do – teach. This might include preparing lesson materials, running errands, posting bulletin boards, cutting/pasting/collating, etc.

 – Special Events and Service – Throughout the year the staff offers special enrichment events to enhance the education of their students. Often volunteers are needed to help oversee and support the events like field day, math and science night, school performances, open houses, field trips, etc.

Three forms are required by the St. Louis School District to become a Friend of Adams volunteer:
1. Adult Volunteer Application
2. Request for Child Abuse or Neglect/Criminal Background Check Record
3. Volunteer Character Reference Letter

04Number2Donate to The Friends of Adams Fund

We’ve developed a fund, The Friends of Adams Fund, which makes additional money available to the teachers and administration at Adams to cover the costs of extra educational initiatives not funded by the established budget of the school district. Currently, some of those expenses come out of the pockets of teachers and staff. Recently those expenses included snacks for the kids during their district testing, Kleenex and hand sanitizers in February when the district allocated supplies ran out, funds to reserve the stage and facility at Sumner High School for the all-school production of “The Jungle Book” and a holiday appreciation luncheon for the Adams staff. We also hope to provide money to teachers to buy supplies for their classrooms.

Friends of Adams will provide oversight for The Friends of Adams Fund which the staff can draw on to help their kids. In addition to in-classroom needs, these funds might cover buying clothes or shoes when there is a need, providing for after-school care when none exists, or paying for essential student support services that families cannot afford.

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Friends of Adams is volunteer based. 100% of all tax-deductible contributions go to the support of the school.

Mail your check to:

Friends of Adams
c/o Bill and Diann Wichman
13 York Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63144

If you have questions, would like to discuss Friends of Adams or would like a tour of Adams Elementary School please do not hesitate to contact Bill and Diann Wichman at