Books, Books, Books

Lindsay Schuessler Donor Support, Events, SLPS

Recently the Salvation Army made a huge donation of books to Adams for our free book shelves. Instead of recycling the books they gave them to us to allow students to reuse them (we are so green!). They donated over 700 pounds of books. Reading is a really big deal at Adams and any time students have a bit of free time, you can be sure they are reading. Many of the books also go home “for keeps” so the kids are exposed to reading constantly.

The person who helped coordinate this wonderful donation is Ron Coleman. He is a Neighborhood Improvement Specialist with the City of St. Louis and is pictured in the center of the photo with our principal, also Mr. Coleman, on the right. The third gentleman in the photo is Major Kendall Mathews from the Salvation Army.

Thank you Salvation Army!

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