Thank You, Maritz!

Lindsay Schuessler Donor Support, Enrichment Activity, Events

MaritzSuppliesOn August 20th, a group of Adams teachers and staff were invited to the Maritz offices in Fenton to pick up a donation of supplies. Not knowing what to expect, the Adams team members arrived and were blown away by piles and piles of much needed supplies: headphones, hand sanitizer, tissues, post-it notes, copy paper, notebooks, folders, crayons, markers, and more! The school budget for ordering supplies is extremely limited and without the generous donation from Maritz, teachers would have to make do without or purchase their own materials.

Needless to say, the team was ecstatic. The excitement over the supplies was even greater when the team brought everything back (in several car loads) to Adams. It was like Christmas in August when the teachers received the supplies.

Thank you to Maritz for being such a great friend of Adams! Your kindness means even more learning will take place Adams.


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