UKAD and Loughborough University launch new survey on clean sport education across UK Higher Education sector

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and Loughborough University are looking to hear from students, graduates, and academic staff on their experiences of anti-doping education at universities and colleges - as part of a collaborative research project seeking to understand the extent of anti-doping content delivered on Higher Education (HE) courses across the UK.  

Today, a new online survey has been launched which asks these key groups to share their experiences of either receiving or delivering anti-doping education.  

An image of a person with the word Coach printed on the back of their shirt and copy that says; Have your say. Complete our anonymous survey on clean sport within higher education in the UK. We are looking to hear from Academic Staff, Current Students, Recent Graduates, and Professionals in Sport
Have your say - Complete our anonymous survey on clean sport within higher education in the UK


The findings will provide a better understanding of the breadth of anti-doping content across the UK HE sector. The long-term aim is to utilise the insights gathered to develop tailored clean sport content and resources that can become embedded within HE courses.  

Tony Josiah, Director of Education, Insight and Global Engagement at UKAD, said, “This is a great opportunity to influence the future delivery of clean sport education across universities and colleges. The HE sector serves a vital role in protecting clean sport through the education of student athletes and athlete support personnel.  

UKAD is committed to supporting the HE sector further develop a clean sport environment through initiatives such as the Clean Sport Higher Education Partnership and targeted research projects”.  

The research is being led by Dr Liam Heaney and Dr Jamie Kenyon who are Senior Lecturers and Researchers within the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University.

Dr Liam Heaney said, “It is clear to us that educating our future generations of sports practitioners and researchers in the science and values of clean sport is vital. These topics sit at the forefront of sport and allow diverse teaching from the history and ethics of clean sport, to the laboratory aspects of anti-doping surveillance.  

The extent of clean sport education is not fully understood within the UK HE sector and, therefore, this research will provide important insights to allow us to work with UKAD to embed this teaching into UK-based sports-related degree programmes.” 

Have your say on anti-doping education across UK universities and colleges by participating in the online survey.