Giving Confident
Advice to Athletes

We all have a duty to protect clean sport. Athlete Support Personnel are vital to helping us ensure that sport is clean. UK Anti-Doping’s education and information programmes can support you in your career to ensure you and your athletes engage in sport in line with the values of clean sport, and the Anti-Doping Rules.

Anti-Doping Rules & Violations

Remember the Anti-Doping Rules do not just apply to athletes. They apply to support personnel, too.

Kids playing football on a pitch outside
Playing a vital support role

Learn how parents, carers and guardians can get involved in a child’s career and be a great support along the way.

Children listening to their coach
Special bond to
nurture athletes

Coaches most likely know their athletes better than anyone else, and have a special role in developing their career in clean sport.

Person on a start line bent down preparing to sprint
Provide guidance to rely on

Get informed and educated on essential anti-doping practices for Athlete Support Personnel. There is no place for ignorance in anti-doping.

Coaches whistle hanging up on a blackboard
Making the
right decisions

Check out our Clean Sport Hub, where you will find education programmes specifically for athlete support personnel.