It takes a team

Protect Your Sport

At UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) we are passionate about protecting clean sport so that athletes can compete knowing they are doing so on a level playing field. 
To help us catch cheats and to protect the integrity of sport, we need your help. 
We know we can't do it alone. It takes a team.
If you have any suspicions of doping activity in sport, no matter how small the information may seem, you can come forward in confidence via our Protect Your Sport platforms, listed below.

Could you be the missing link?

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We know coming forward isn’t easy, so when you feel something is wrong that could impact clean sport, take action and send us a direct email with your concerns to

Online Form
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You can also complete our online form via the button below. You can choose to do so anonymously, however if you are able to share your details with us, it could help is to gather more vital information from you and to catch those cheating.

24/7 Hotline
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Call on 08000 32 23 32. We are here to listen. 

You can choose to remain anonymous via this hotline or share your details with us, which will help us in our investigations. Your details will be kept securely on our systems.



We're here to support those who want to speak out and protect the integrity of sport in doing so. If someone is trying to stop you from talking to us, contact UKAD for information on how we can help via the above platforms.

Find out more about how we can protect those sharing information in our Whistleblower Policy.

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You can download our graphics and handy resources, which are free for all to use.


How Protect Your Sport works

Not sure what to expect after coming forward with your concerns of doping activity? Watch this handy animation video which explains the Protect Your Sport process and what could happen next thanks to your report.