UKAD Assurance Framework

UK National
Anti-Doping Policy

A updated version of the UK National Anti-Doping Policy (the Policy) was launched in April 2021. The Policy is an essential document which sets out the roles and responsibilities of several organisations in the UK, including UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), the Sports Councils, and National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

Find out all you need to know about the Policy and Assurance Framework on this page. NGBs are asked to contact UKAD if they have any questions on the documents.

2021 UK National Anti-Doping Policy

Alongside the Policy, we’ve released a short guide on the major changes to the Policy.

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Assurance Framework

The Assurance Framework outlines a number of mandatory requirements for NGBs to meet and provides clear guidance and instructions on each. Meeting the Assurance Framework requirements acts as the first step an NGB must take towards meeting its obligations set out in the UK National Anti-Doping Policy.

While several aspects of the Assurance Framework will be familiar to NGBs, others reflect the updated version of the Policy and emphasise UKAD’s desire to increase awareness and understanding of anti-doping across sport. 

The Assurance Framework was created following extensive consultation with a large and varied number of NGBs from across the UK. This has ensured proportionality and flexibility have been built in to enable it to be adaptable to all NGBs, regardless of size, resource, structure and remit.

Assurance Framework

The Assurance Framework includes the requirements an NGB needs to meet, along with lots of useful information and guidance to help.

This document lists the NGBs that have successfully evidenced to UKAD that they are meeting the 24 requirements.

Ongoing Actions and Progress

This document outlines the ongoing actions required by these NGBs once they have met the 24 requirements, along with a summary of the ways in which UKAD will continue to assess compliance and support an NGB to develop its anti-doping programme further.

This Progress Report from May 2023 summarises the scale and outcomes of the Assurance Framework since its launch.

Anti-Doping Governance Diagram

The anti-doping community is a collection of global and national organisations, with overarching governance documents. This graphic highlights how anti-doping is governed worldwide and in the UK, and who in sport it affects.

Clean Sport Hub

NGBs are required to submit Assurance Framework evidence to UKAD through the Clean Sport Hub. Access and guidance for NGBs can be obtained by contacting UKAD.